If you are thinking about wearing a wig or weave for thanks giving but have no idea where to start, we're here to help.


When it comes to switching things up and experimenting with different styles and colors, wigs are definitely one of your best options, though finding one that's right for you is a deeper process. If you want a wig as thanksgiving gift, the most important thing to think about when purchasing wigs is who you wanat to send it to and how high quality their hair is.


Gifts for moms


Here are some moms wigs that are easy to maintain and also with color options.

Ombre brown wigs offer a natural look and feel

Silky straight bob classic

Brown Highlight Bob with bangs

Salt And Pepper Wig is the best choice for senior ladies.

Reddish Brown Body Wave Wig



Gifts for daughters

Burgundy Jerry Curly Wig

Vibrant Orange Color Wig

orange ginger wig

Piano Color Highlight

piano color highlights wig

Peekaboo Highlight

Body Wave Wig Classic




How to find the perfect wig?


Wigs come in various types, such as synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Each type has its advantages and considerations. Synthetic wigs are more affordable, easy to maintain, and retain their style after washing. On the other hand, human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel, can be styled with heat tools, and typically have a longer lifespan with proper care.



The cap construction of a wig refers to how it is constructed and attached to the head. Common cap constructions include:


Traditional Cap: The most affordable option, where wefts of hair are sewn onto a cap made of breathable material. Monofilament Cap: Provides a natural-looking scalp appearance, making it appear as if the hair is growing from your scalp. Lace front Cap: Features a sheer lace panel at the front, creating a realistic hairline and allowing for off-the-face styling. Full lace Cap: Made entirely of lace, providing the most versatile styling options and a natural-looking hairline. Get the Right Wig Size: Wigs come in various sizes, and choosing the right one is crucial for comfort and a natural appearance. Measure your head circumference by placing a tape measure around your hairline, just above your ears and eyebrows. Most wigs are adjustable to fit different head sizes, but getting as close to your measurements as possible is ideal.


Picking the right wig color is essential for achieving a natural look. If you want a color close to your natural hair, consider choosing a wig shade that matches your hair at the roots. However, don't be afraid to experiment with new colors that complement your skin tone and eye color.


Below I will cover these concerns and go through the basics on what you need to know before purchasing your first wig.

First it is important to know what makes up a wig and what are the different types of wig structures.

The most basic wig type is a closure wig. This wig is made with a lace closure and wefted hair. Lace closures can come in sizes, 2×2, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 or even 8×8! (This measurement is in inches, i.e. a 4×4 closure is 4 inches in height and 4 inches in width). Closure wigs are best for beginners. The most popular closure type regularly offered is the 4×4 size. 


The next type of wig type is a frontal wig. This wig is made with a lace frontal and wefted hair. Lace Frontals come in sizes 13×2, 13×4, 13×5 and 13×6. Frontal wigs are best for wig wearers that have some experience of wearing wigs. The most popular frontal types are 13×4 and 13×6 wigs.

Another well-known wig type is a full lace wig.This wig is made mostly with lace on the outer perimeters and has a matching net area in the middle. (Most people don’t know this but the breathable net in the middle is for structure!). Full lace wigs are best for wig wearers that have some experience of wearing wigs.


This lace area on the wig is where the majority of styling comes in to make your wig look like a ‘scalp’. Choosing the correct lace size is all dependent on your preference but the pros of choosing a wig with a bigger lace area is so that you can carry out more styles on it. For instance, with a full lace wig you can part it anywhere and do a lot of styles because it is mostly lace but with a 4×4 closure wig you can only style it within the 4×4 inches of lace that is provided, so styles may be limited. However, the more creative you are with your wigs, the more styles you can pull off with any wig!


But with that being said, as a beginner it is ideal to start with a wig that has a small closure size which is enough for you to create styles that you are confident with. With a 4×4 closure wig you can easily style it in a middle or side part.



The great news is ALL wigs can be worn gluelessly. In order to make a wig fit gluelessly, it needs to have some sort of band inside which helps the wig sit securely on your head. Also with additional products, such as the LuxGrip headband, wearing a wig gluelessly is also possible.




In an ideal world, it would be fabulous if wigs lasted an eternity without any styling or maintenance but wigs will need extra loving care just like how we take care of anything we care for. However, the process for maintaining your wigs is actually not that complicated and super easy as long as you consider the following:

Opt for lower density wigs for easier detangling and styling. For a beginner, 130%, 150% or 180% density are great densities to start with as they require less work to style and maintain since there is less hair on the wig. From personal experience, it takes me roughly 10 minutes to silk press a 180% density in comparison to 30, sometimes 40 minutes to silk press a 200+% density wig!

The shorter the length, the less time it takes to style. As a beginner, caring for and styling a 20 inch wig would take less time compared to a 30 inch wig.

Go for straight or body wave texture for your first wig. These textures are easy to detangle, easy to wash and easy to style. For wigs that have a tight wave or curly texture, they require more care and are therefore more high maintenance. For instance when you’re detangling a curly wig you need to make sure you are not too rough and causing breakage in the hair. You also need to apply more products to curly hair to make sure it does not appear frizzy or feel dry.

With a customised wig, you can choose your own desired length and you can choose your own styling options! All custom wigs are final and non-refundable as they’re personalised for you. CUSTOM wigs take 15 business days to be processed and shipped to US addresses or 20 business days for international addresses.

November 04, 2023 — Tina Song

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